Dragon City – Learn About the Habitats and Types of Dragons


The game Dragon city is a popular game among kids and adults. To the lover of simulation category games, this game is an addiction for them. Features of the Dragon City are unexpected, and it is overlapping the eye-catching features of other simulation games. With every new update, developers add new events and dragons to gain amazing rewards and achievements. In order to achieve great reward players have won great battles, and with dragon city hacks cheats, it’s easy to achieve such things.

Habitats and Dragons

Habitats are the area where players keep dragons they rest. Each dragon made of a special element which keeps them different from other element dragons. Same as the habitats have an element that only keeps the same element of the dragon. Every habitat is created as per the level of the game higher level of the game can possess a higher level of Habitats. Some important habitats are written below –

ª  Terra Habitat

ª  Flame Habitat

ª  Sea Habitat

ª  Nature habitat

ª  Electric habitat

ª  Metal habitat

ª  Ice habitat

These are some important habitats of the game which contains mostly dragons in it.

 Dragons are the main part of the game, there are thousands of dragons that are available in the game, and every dragon is special on their own. In the game, most dragons are breedable, but some dragons are rare and exclusive, and that is why they don’t need to breed to be strong. Exclusive dragons are very strong, and they possess some strong rage in them. You can unlock various habitats dragon city hacks cheats and also using game currency to unlock them also.