Facts about eyeshadow palette that you were unaware of

There is a history of everything that you can see emerging in the present today and so as the eyeshadow palette too. There are also some weird and amazing facts that you would be surprised to know about. Therefore, we have brought you some similar facts that will put you in surprises.

Surprising facts about eyeshadow palette

Invention of eyeshadow palette – It all begin with Egyptians twelve thousand year ago as history states. The first eyeshadow palette was invented in Egypt the ingredient of which were kohl, which then was made up of lead oxidised copper and burnt almonds extracts. Ladies started using them for enhancing their eye’s beauty.

Ingredient included precious stones – In Greece, later then then first invention in Egypt is was discovered and was known by the name of fucus that was the then best eyeshadow palette made from the malachite and marine stones. These were intended to use for the Greek ladies and later on they began to export their products to other civilizations.

Some weird ingredient – It used to have some eatables as ingredient once. Before it’s proper discovery and development women used to do their eyes with rice flour and with dropping of the birds too.

Metal as an ingredient – Micah a metal in the powdered form is used to make best eyeshadow palette. The more shimmering in the shadow indicated the more use of Micah used in making of the palette.

Not a fat free product – Eyeshadow is one of the beauty products that contains boiled animal fat. Other beauty products like shampoo and soaps also contains fats from various animals.

At last but not least, these were the facts you were probably unaware of eyeshadow palette. There are various other facts in the list but we listed out the most uncommon and unknown facts in this reading and hope you enjoyed it. Well, if you feel yourself much more curious about eyeshadow palette, there are various book available in the market which you can use as a guide source.